PORTAL-9232 2V1L

PORTAL BETA-9232 (2V1L) is a unique multi-energy dual way dual view X-ray portal type screening system designed for high throughput X-ray inspection of vehicles/trucks with cargo. It can detect smuggled goods, including plastic weapons and explosives, drugs, radioactive materials.

  • Throughput up to 120 trucks per hour
  • Switchable X-ray source energy
  • Low dose per scanning
  • Wide range of inspected objects
Inspected object dimensions (L x W x H), m 30 х 3 х 4,7*
Building dimensions (L x W x H), m 24,6 x 11,6x 7,8*
Maximum weight of inspected object, kg 55 000*
g 55 000* Maximal radiation dosage, μSv per scan less than 5
Maximal radiation dosage to driver, μSv per scan less than 0,3
Throughput, vehicles/trucks per hour Up to 120
Scan speed, km/h 5-10
Number of generators 2
Type of accelerator Betatron
X-ray generators energy, MeV Switchable between 4 and 9 with 0,1 steps
Steel penetration, mm 320
Visual and processing means Computers with several high resolution TFT displays and a special image and data storage system
Digital image processing Image storage, magnification up to 16 times, sharp and contrast enhancement, filtering, segmentation
Power built-in generator or three-phase AC power circuit 380V/50Hz
Power consumption, kW up to 30
Operating temperature/Humidity -45 °С to +50 °С/up to 90% range can be extended
Dose in the environment Average <0,5μSv/h <1mSv/an at the boundary
Dose rate in operator room Background level
Automatic radiation portal monitor
Additional image analysis workstation
Connection to Centralized Image analysis Center

*Typical values - values may differ depending on freight and scanning conditions.