Max. overall dimensions of the inspection chamber (DxWxH), mm


Maximum installation weight, kg


Maximum overall dimensions of the installation (LxWxH),mm 610х610х1380*

Penetration Fe/Al equivalent, mm


Wire detection/with 8x geometric magnification (only for microfocus X-ray unit), mm


Throughput, images per hour

up to 120

Radiation leakage, μSv/h

less than 1,0


X-ray tube voltage settings for microfocus/minifocus X-ray units, kV


Tube current (typical) for microfocus/minifocus X-ray units, mA


Operating temperature (Relative humidity), °С

+5 to +40 (80% at 25°С)

Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, W


Dimensions (W x H), mm

610 х 1380

Total weight (including transport packaging), kg


*for system without a compartment for a monitor and remote control

KALAN-2M designed for the office use for X-ray inspection of mail, baggage, office equipment, etc. to detect explosives, weapons, drugs or electronic bugs. Due to its solid construction and implemented safety features, KALAN-2M is totally safe to operate in any office environment and at any security checkpoint.

X-ray generator. A minifocus or microfocus X-ray tube allows to detect extremely fine objects such as wires and detonation devices components. KALAN-2M custom designed X-ray generators contribute to their overall small dimensions. Adjustable voltage allows to inspect objects with different thickness and density. The dual energy option enables differentiation between organic and inorganic objects.

Processing unit. The KALAN-2M features a versatile image processing unit capable of saving up to 30,000 images accompanied by voice and text comments.

Design. As an office X-ray inspection system it has small overall dimensions, modern design and   fits perfectly into office interiors. It is supplied with a mobile base and can be moved around by one person. All basic operation functions of the KALAN-2M are carried out via a remote control unit. A high contrast, high resolution display shows images with unparalleled accuracy. Object inspection chamber is supplied with an adjustable tray. High resolution magnification up to 12 times can be achieved (only with a microfocus X-ray unit) by precise positioning of the object using the KALAN-2M movable tray.