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Searching radiometer RP-5M

Searching radiometer RP-5M

main characteristics

Operationalexposuretime, s


Energy range of detected photon radiation, keV

from 30 to 3000

Observational error of the exposure dose power in the range of 30..3000 kEv,%

Less than 30

Indication of exceeding the exposure dose power


Range of exposure dose rate measurement, mR / h


The sensitivity of radiation detection with an energy of 662 keV (Cs-137) by the built-in detector, imp. / (MicroR / hour)


Powersupply (battery)

from 2elements АА

Operating temperature / humidity range, ° С /%

from 0 to 50/  to 85


No less than 5 years

Overalldimensions, mm


Weightwithoutbatteries, g

Nomore than 450

The search radiometer RP-5M is designed to detect and localize sources of ionizing gamma radiation, to estimate the radiation dose rate, to indicate the maximum value of dose rate during operation, and to indicate the radiation dose accumulated during the device operation. When additional external sensor connected, it is possible to measure the beta-flux density.

Radiometer high speed of operation allows to make a point source search for gamma and beta radiation. When the operator approaches the source of radiation with increasing dose rate, the readings increase, while the maximum value for the whole measurement time is stored and displayed on the third line of the display. The method of "zoom in-zoom out" allows for 10-20 seconds to localize the source of radioactive emission in the room.

The device is powered by batteries and has a built-in charger.

When powered by a power adapter, the radiometer can continuously be used in the watchdog mode. At the same time, radiometer not only reacts to the crossing of gamma radiation sources into the room but also shows the amount of dose that employees could have received, during the operation of the radiometer.