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Mobile X-ray Vehicle Screening System (MXVSS)

Mobile X-ray Vehicle Screening System (MXVSS)


Inspected object dimensions (L x W x H), m

30 х 3 х 4,5*

Deployment time, min

less than 30

Throughput, vehicles/trucks per hour

up to 25

Scan speed, m/min

6, 12, 24

X-ray generators energy, MeV

Switched between 6 and 9


320 mm of steel

Visual and processing means

computers with several high resolution TFT displays and a special image and data storage system

Digital image processing

Image storage, magnification up to 16 times, sharp and contrast enhancement, filtering, segmentation


built-in generator or three-phase AC power circuit 380V/50Hz

Power consumption, kW

less than 16 kwt in work mode and 5 kwt in standby mode

Operating temperature/Humidity

From -50°С to +50°С/up to 90%*

* Can be optimized according to the customer’s needs

MXVSS (Mobile X-ray Vehicle Screening System) is designed for screen-ing bulky cargo and vehicles and detection of radioactive materials and explosives, as well as other restricted articles using radiometric and dosimetric surveillance equipment.

MXVSS’s 6/9MV X-ray imaging system is the most powerful and advanced X-ray inspection system available on the mobile vehicle screening systems market. Due to the usage of a cyclic accelerator with variable radiation energy, the system can operate in dual-energy mode that allows to discriminate organic and inorganic mater ial.

Mobility of MXVSS improves detection of contraband goods as it can be deployed in non-typical and unexpected locations. System works in two scanning modes: system remains immobile, as the vehicles move through the portal (‘dynamic object’ mode) or the portal moves parallel to the inspected object (‘static object’ mode).

In the dynamic object mode it is possible to scan the cabin with the driver due to ability of changing high energy during inspection. As an additional option system can be enhanced with backscattered mode that allows to inspect vehicles and cargo from one side in case if there is no both side access. System with this additional option allows to detect radioactive and/or nuclear materials in active mode.