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High throughput cargo X-ray inspection system Portal-9132

High throughput cargo X-ray inspection system Portal-9132

Inspected object dimensions (L x W x H), m

30 х 3 х 4,7*

Building dimensions (L x W x H), m

36 x 12 x 6*

Max. weight of inspected object, kg

55 000*

Max. radiation dosage, μSv per scan

less than 100

Throughput, vehicles/trucks per hour

up to 150**

Scan speed, km/h


X-ray generators energy, MeV

Switched between 6 and 9


black and white (65 000 levels of grey) or pseudo color, dual energy mode


270 - 330 mm of steel

Visual and processing means

computers with several high resolution TFT displays and a special image and data storage system

Digital image processing

Image storage, magnification up to 16 times, sharp and contrast enhancement, filtering, segmentation


built-in generator or three-phase AC power circuit 380V/50Hz

Power consumption, kW

less than 20

Operating temperature/Humidity

-35°С to +55°С/up to 90%*

* Can be optimized according to the customer’s needs

** In one way (channel) design. In dual way (channel) design troughput is up to 300 vehicles/trucks per hour.

Portal-9132 is a unique one-way multi-energy portal designed for high throughput X-ray inspection of vehicles/trucks with cargo. It can detect smuggled goods, including plastic weapons and explosives, drugs, radioactive materials.

The main system components are the X-ray generators that produce high energy X-ray beams, and highly sensitive L-shaped detectors (each inspection channel has several detectors that allow to increase throughput).90%*

The Portal-9132 combines powerful penetration and low radiation dosage. Due to the use of unique cyclic accelerator with ability of fast change of output energy, the system can penetrate the cabin with the truck’s driver using the lowest dosage, and after that switch to high dosage mode within microseconds. After the cabin passes through the portal, the system penetrates all truck with maximum dosage. Also the system can work in Cabin-cut mode, the system starts irradiation after the cabin with the truck’s driver. The scanning mode choice can be made due to the local radiation safety regulations that are used in the end-user country.

The system does not require any temperature-controlled permanent or solid built infrastructure and can operate 24/7. The system automatically inspects trucks moving at various speeds. Images are transmitted to the remote control room for further examination. Portal-9132 is ideally suited for using at customs facilities, seaports and airports, border crossings. The system configuration allows fast and thorough inspection of 20/40/45ft sea containers and other freight up to 150 vehicles/trucks per hour in one way (channel) design.