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Cargo inspection system BETA-9132

Cargo inspection system BETA-9132


Inspected object dimensions

(L x W x H), m

30 х 3 х 4,7*

Building dimensions (L x W x H), m

36 x 14 x 7*

Max. weight of inspected object, kg

55 000*

Throughput, vehicles/trucks per hour

up to 25 - 40

Scan speed, m/min

12, 24, 36

X-ray generators energy, MeV

Switched between 4.5 and 9


300 - 330 mm of steel

Visual and processing means

computers with several high resolution TFT displays

and a special image and data storage system

Digital image processing

Image storage, magnification up to 16t , sharp and

contrast enhancement, filtering, segmentation


built-in generator or three-phase AC power circuit


Power consumption, kW

from 16

Operating temperature/Humidity

-35°С to +45°С/up to 90%*

* Can be optimized according to the customer’s needs

BETA-9132 is a unique multi-view multi-energy rail-mounted gantry designed for the inspection of sealed sea freight containers such as 20/40/45ft, consignments inside trucks and other vehicles. It can detect smuggled goods, including plastic weapons and explosives, drugs, radioactive materials.

The main system components are the X-ray generator, which produces high energy X-ray beam, and the highly sensitive L-shaped detector. BETA-9132 is designed in such a way that it is practically impossible to hide illegal items inside the inspected objects owing to the multiple imaging obtained from various perspectives. These perspectives are chosen in such a way that the hidden item will be surely seen from one of the multi-views regardless of its location inside the inspected object.

The BETA-9132 combines powerful penetration and low radiation dosage. The system is normally located in a temperature controlled permanent or solid build infrastructure and can operate 24/7. The system automatically inspects vehicles without driver, placed between the rails (the gantry moves, images are transmitted to the remote control room over them) for further examination. BETA-9132 is ideally suited for applications at customs facilities, sea and airports, border crossings.

  • Temperature controlled infrastructure
  • Single or multy X-ray generator (betatron)
  • L-shaped detector unit(s)
  • Control unit
  • Transportation unit

The system configuration allows fast and thorough inspection of 20/40/45ft sea containers and other freight up to 25-40 vehicles/trucks per hour.