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High energy mobile X-ray series M-SCAN

High energy mobile X-ray series M-SCAN

Nominal energy (MeV)

Levels available from 9/6MeV

Type of scanning

The M-SCAN moves while the object does

not, or it can be the opposite

Steel penetration (mm)

according to requirements

Contrast (%)

320 (standart); 340 (typical)

Steel wire (mm)

1.2 at 100mm of steel

Safety area - ground to 2.5m (8.2’)

for a 20m (65.5’) truck


0.5μSv/h 20t/h

40m(L) x 40m(l)

Absorbed dose per scan*

Less than 5μSv/scan

Material discrimination




Image acquisition station Image analisys station System control station database workstation

CCTV server

Image analysis tools

Contrast and edge enhancement, filters, marks and annotations, histogram equalisation, review of stored images and manifest data for comparison, image conversion to standard formats, objects measurement CCTV server

Database workstation type

SQL database

Data storage

200,000 images as standard

Data archiving

DVD burner (standard)


Color laser printe



6 Cameras + 3 radio intercom

Markings Regulations

3-color safety light + siren

Radiation protection

Compliant with WHO, ICRP 103-2007, EU & US regulations Security perimeter zone defined by infrared mark





Less than 20 tons



Truck dimensions (LxWxH)


Scanning speed

24 or 12m/min - 36m/min available in option • Passage of the trucks in stationary mode up to

7km/ 4mph



Footprint (LxWxH)


Scanning height


Maximum height below gantry


Maximum width of gantry


Installation time

Less than 20min (average 15min)

Inspection throughput

Up to 25 trucks per hour (typical 20) in mobile mode and up to 150 (typical 120) in pass through mode*

Minimum crew requirement

1 image operator/driver and 1 traffic marshal

Operating temperature

-40°C to +50°C (-25°C to 50°C in option)

Storage temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Relative humidity

Up to 95%

Electrical consumption

20 kVA in average


Dose in the environment

Average <0,5μSv/h <1mSv/an at the boundary

Dose rate in operator cabin

Background level


Additional image analysis workstation

>Connection to Centralized Image analysis Center

The M-SCAN is remotely operated self-propelled scanner designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. It reduces the need for manual inspection of complete trucks (cabin included), containers and vehicles by verifying manifests and checking for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and contraband.

The M-SCAN uses betatron type accelerator with high energy level up to 9 MeV, allowing steel penetration 320 mm (standard) up to 340 mm (typical). A high maximum throughput of 25 trucks per hour can be achieved in scan mode; and a maximum of 150 trucks per hour in pass through mode.

High performance imaging equips operators with detailed radioscopic images of the container or vehicle to generate rapid and reliable results.

To military standards - 50 up to 70 degrees cyclic mode. Operators and image database are protected in case of anyincident on site.

Operators work outside safety zone. No danger to be radiated. No special permits and regular medical checks etc. Easy to handle. Possible to use multiple scanners close by each other on one site. Easy to extend a scanning capacity on the site of the same dimensions. The same crew can operate multiple scanners.

Based on a trailer chassis, the M-SCAN systems can be towed from site to site by a standard tractor as required. Road clearance confirmed with all global road regulations. It offers ease of operation and a small footprint with minimal external infrastrutcure reqiuirements; and yet meets the most demanding international security screening standards.


  • Inspect bulky goods and vehicles in order to detect smuggling, illegal or prohibited goods, objects and explosives at ports,airports and border crossing
  • Versatile operational modes:
    • Pass-through (up to 150 trucks/hour)
    • Mobile (up to 25 trucks/hour)
  • Steel penetration – up to 340 mm 9MeV
  • Lightweight – less than 6 tons/axle
  • Fully automated chassis with remote operator cabin
  • Advanced technology providing material discrimination and adjustable safety zone parameters