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Max. object size (L x W x H), mm 356 х 252 х 100 365 х 280 х 270
Max. object weight, kg 5 8
Wire detection, mm Ø 0,08
Radiation leakage (100 mm from the surface), μSv/h 0,5
Anode voltage, kV 30 - 70 40 - 100
Tube current (typical), mA 0,05 0,05
Levels of brightness 65 000
Operating/storage temperature, °С -10 to +45/-40 to +60
Supply voltage, V 85 - 245
Power consumption (without monitor), W 70 160
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm 800 х 410 х 310 900 х 480 х 540
Weight, kg 35 95

The number of terrorist and criminal attacks using letter bombs and toxic powders has substantially increased over the last few years. Only a comprehensive inspection of incoming mail by applying appropriate technology can ensure that such threats are detected at the earliest point.

The XR-PSCAN-2611 X-ray inspection system is designed for daily inspection of incoming correspondence (mail and small packages). It can detect explosive devices and their components, narcotics, radioactive substances, toxic powders, such as anthrax, metal and plastic weapons.

On its monitor XR-PSCAN-2611 displays b/w or color X- ray images of the inspected objects created by a U-shaped line-detector.

This type of detector guarantees the absence of ‘’dead zones’’ in inspected objects. Adjustable voltage allows detecting small quantities of substances of different densities. Additionally, the internal gamma-detector makes it possible to detect radioactive substances inside the inspected objects.

XR-PSCAN-2611 is the smallest and the most compact X-ray scanner featuring high resolution color image processing, adjustable voltage and a U-shaped line-detector. With dimensions and weight comparable to a desktop photocopier, the XR-PSCAN-2611 X-ray inspection system can be easily integrated into any office environment.

The XR-PSCAN-2611 X-ray inspection system is intended for government and law enforcement agencies, the military, private security companies, banks, at commercial premises, television/broadcasting studios, publishing houses, judicial and correctional facilities and other security sensitive areas.