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ASSET’s Equipment Helped Detect a Large Shipment of Illicit Substances in Myanmar

A synthetic drugs shipment with a total worth of more than 1.2m dollars was detected by the Drug Section of Myanmar. This cargo became the first significant shipment of illicit substances detected in Myanmar in 2022 with the help of MIDK-9232. The mobile inspection unit exposed 1.5m methamphetamine tablets in two trucks crossing the whole country from the state of Shan.

MIDK-9232 already assisted the Myanmar police in confiscating such expensive criminal shipments in 2020 and 2021. However, a true record for our high-tech complex was set in the fall of 2021 when it detected a synthetic drug shipment worth around 10m dollars. MIDK-9232 was exported to Myanmar in 2019. Possessing the unique ability to pierce even the thickest steel walls (up to 335 mm) and accurately identify materials (organic, inorganic, metals), the inspection unit regularly helps the Myanmar police to find and confiscate illegal drugs. The key to its scanning power is in the Diagnostika-M’s usage of cutting-edge X-ray systems (betatrons), discrete linear detectors, and modern technological solutions.

MIDK-9232 inspects up to two thousand trucks in Myanmar on a daily basis and helps identify both small and large consignments of illicit substances. The mobile inspection complex demonstrates reliable operation in the difficult conditions of a hot and humid tropical climate. Thanks to its sky-high rates of efficiency, MIDK-9232 often becomes the hero of local news, showing the advantages of high-tech in combating drug trafficking across Southeast Asia.

09.03.2022 13:37